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Find worry-free care for your loved one

Once you've procured the needed short-term care for your loved one, you'll be able to return to work or to your own home without having to worry. Your loved one will receive 24/7 care from trained staff members in our fully-licensed facility. Plus, they'll have access to all of Mallard Cove Assisted Living's amenities!

Take a short-term trial

Short-term care at Mallard Cove Assisted Living is a great way to see if Mallard Cove Assisted Living is the right place for a long-term stay for your relative! You'll be able to browse all of our amenities, services, and activities to get a complete picture of the variety of choices our facility has to offer your loved one.

Explore respite care

With Mallard Cove Assisted Living's Respite Care Program, all of our comprehensive, 24/7 care services are available to your loved one in beautifully furnished, hotel-style rooms. This short-term care option can be used to give family caregivers a well-deserved break.

When an elderly loved one is recuperating from surgery, an illness, or a fall, turn to Mallard Cove Assisted Living for comprehensive short-term care! With 24/7 care accommodations available, your loved one can recover in a supportive environment before returning to a normal routine. Respite care services are also available, including Mallard Cove Assisted Living's full range of care services!

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