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Mallard Cove Assisted Living is an assisted living facility serving both independent and assisted living residents. Mallard Cove Assisted Living is a place where you'll receive the care and support required to live peacefully. Our mission is to give personal, professional, and superior-assisted living care to our residents in a comfortable and enjoyable setting that feels like home.

Through devoted, friendship-based care Mallard Cove Assisted Living strives to enrich the quality of our residents’ lives. Our fully-licensed and insured staff will encourage each resident to be as independent as he or she can. Your loved one will be given attentive assistance and support when he or she desires personalized care. Daily and weekly support services are available to residents, along with a range of amenities and activities. Our room options include studio-style, 1-bedroom or 2- bedroom, and 2 bath suites.

Mallard Cove Assisted Living believes that every choice you make is important. That's why we meet residents' requests with enthusiasm and encouragement. In fact, our residents have a say in our activities, menus, and services! And with a huge variety of services and activities available, Mallard Cove Assisted Living offers all the options you could ask for. And if you do ask for something, we'll try to arrange it!


Mallard Cove Assisted Living

Personalized Care

Variety and Choices

About the Founder

assisted living home that is exactly what he had wanted for his father. He has brought his 25 years of building

expertise to make certain that all the amenities at Mallard Cove are of the highest quality, and he is state licensed as a certified nursing assistant in order to have a greater handle on the medical needs in the community.


As the campus has recently celebrated four years of operation and an exapansion to the number of rooms, Al continues to act as the Manager on duty. He oversees day to day operations, staff and maintenance to ensure that everything is up to his standard.

Mallard Cove began several years ago as an idea. When Al Beaudin was searching for a place for his aging father to stay, he wished for a home like Mallard Cove. “My father had Alzheimer’s Disease,” says Al. “We moved him to several homes, but I could never find one that I was totally comfortable with. I created Mallard Cove to be the type of place I would want my father to stay.”


Although Al’s father has since passed away, Al’s passion pushed him to build a quality

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